Obama lectures us on the truth and then proceeds to dispense his own jaded view of reality using divisive rhetoric and the dissembling propaganda that would have made Joseph Goebbels proud. This is a man who loves the sound of himself; a man that depends on a soundbite per day to feed his incessant narcissism. His leadership style is long on rhetoric and short on action and I grow weary of his furled-brow lectures whenever anyone dares to counter his narrative with facts.


I have never seen a President who seems to relish the opportunity to demonize whole sectors of our society - a man who constantly plays the partisan himself, and then proceeds to diminish everyone else for their advocacy.


His inability to withstand criticism or even consider perspectives outside of his own, demonstrates the rigidity of his own ideology; the same ideology that always looks to cast blame elsewhere - always searching for partisan advantage, instead of accepting responsibility and moving forward decisively.


The hypocrisy and political expediency that drives this administration is breath-taking and for the Press to stand still and stay silent is perhaps the greatest abdication of responsibility we have seen in America today second only to the President's pledge to uphold and protect The Constitution of The United States of America.



Gregson | May 17, 2010 10:06 PM